Welcome to Open Diff

Open Diff is a an open source web app that allows you to paste a unified diff and get a nicely rendered view of it with a URL for you to share.

In addition to simply being a place to store your diffs, people can view and comment on your diff freely, giving you a place to have open discussions about ways of doing things with strangers.

To get started you can submit a diff below or preferably submit them via curl which will keep formatting better than copying and pasting. Alternatively you can view and discuss other people's diffs in the side menu.

How to get a unified diff

Use from the command line

Paste the following shell function in your .profile, .bashrc, or wherever:

function opendiff { curl -o /dev/null -s --data-urlencode "diff=$(cat)" -w "%{redirect_url}\n" diff.mhn.me/d; }

You can then pipe any diff to it like so and get a URL back: git diff | opendiff

If the above isn't giving you back a URL then it's most likely because your diff is empty or too large. Try sending the diff through the below form instead.

Use from a web browser


In order to prevent abuse the following limitations are in place:

This allows me to host the service at only a modest cost to myself.